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yes, on my first solo exhibition. It will take place in Krapkowice, Poland.

The opening will take place on 1st of October, so I’m busy preparing.

More info and promo poster you can see here! 

and I’m going back to work!

Work until your idols become your rivals.

-unknown (via r-eg)


JY and John with Chicago Blackhawk Grant Malvey.

never enough of JY cutie pie.


Doctor Puppet Episode 6 - The Sign of Four


THIS IS SO PERFECT! (and the number of notes is dissapointing)

WORK IN PROGRESS - little life update

Have you noticed, that I’m not posting much recently. Why? I’m really, really busy and tired. 

I’m working on some projects recently, and preparing my first solo exhibition. This september is making me tired, byt satified at once :D So many surprises happening and everything is turning upside down for good. 

I will reveal more info later, when I will be sure about everything. Life is crazy right now! And all of that took it place in september. Wah, in two days I will celebrate my birthday, and I wonder, If I will have time to spend some times with my family. I plan to make a tasty pumpkin pie! Can’t wait to do it.

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I actually forgot about this doodle! It’s like 2 month old, but soooo adorable :D

I was tagged!

Questions from chalve:

1. What was the scariest movie scene, you saw in your childhood?
2. Which House of Hogwart you wish, you were in? Which one you would actually belong to? Why?
3. Which two universes you would like to live in? How would you make this possible to be in both?
4. Weapon of choice. Why this one?
5. Fandom food! What do you wish to try?
6. Fandom, you used to love but now you’re ashamed of.
7. Or maybe you wish, you were back to any?
8. What movie character you think, you would date?
9. Think of you as a pony. What your cutie mark would be?
10. What song suits your OTP the best? 

So here we go!

I tag everyone who wants to do it. Come on!

It was hard. Thanks Chalve.

Before you read, my questions:

1. Fav crack

2. Guilty pleasure in music

3. What was your fandom at 12?

4. Do you want to travel in time? Why?

5. First fav song

6. The last thing you watched

7. The last thing you created!

8. What do you read about when no one watches!

9. Dorkiest thing you did last year

10. Pair someone from a fandom you love, with someone to make crossover!

I forgot sorry.

Czytaj dalej

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look at his fluffy hair.

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request by callisparrow |a drawing of Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, and Phil Collins dancing on a volcano 

Remember this request post 

So, here we go. I have to admit, that this gave me tons of fun and experience :D There still are things to fix and to think on, but drawing more and more will get me on the right track. And pic like this will not need bazilion hours to finish.

4 slots for prog-rockers and Styx are still open! (one stygian is on list, but people, take it, and let me improve my pencil, imagination and composition skills!)

now It’s time for me to begin that Tommy b-day pic.