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This blog contains mostly Styx stuff and art I am doing.

Photos by Don Hughes, 1981

Long time no non art Styx post from me, huh?

Pretty new/old JY pictrues are ALWAYS apreciated here.

2112 is a great album! Go, afford it!

- I spoked randomly to two teenage girls at empik store (a shop in my country, where you can afford CDs, books, magazines, paper stuff, etc) when noticing, this record was here. They were searching for music or so. Next, they smiled to me. I feeled like Jack Black in his roles. Kinda. 

oh well. I’m exploring PS CS 6. I really think it’s time to search for new digital painting areas to explore for me.

That’s not JY! It’s a blue hair girl I’m redrawing from a pic I did 10 years ago. Maybeit will come out kinda good? Well see.

Magical Girl JY concept I did some while ago :D

He’s/She’s using solar energy power as the source of energy (stockings and headphones have here solar panels). Fighting with element of light, sun, and stars! (note: JY was really into solar energy in the 70/80s, making it almost same valuable as doing music.)

I have to realize, how to make an appealing artwork to bring my ideas to life. Duh, sooner or later, I will make this dream come true.

If anyone wonders what I am doing right now (because I wasn’t updating anything for a long time) that’s It. 

A special type of animation for a music video, which I have to finish till sunday. More details will be posted later, together with finished piece.

Inked with Rotring Art Pen, and edited in Photoshop CS 6



Please, if you want to laugh until your sides hurt, LISTEN TO THIS SONG


I’m glad that I got to draw the rest of the band, as so far I’ve only drawn Tommy, JY, and Dennis.  Also included is the original guitarist, John Curulewski.  

i am so proud of this


STYX FANDOM! [ Alert! ]

I have found a page (not completed, but the most interesting section is ALIVE). With games, quizes, and… Tommy Shaw dress up game. I was searching internets for this for so long, and now I found it randomly. Wonders may happen.


If anyone knows the author, (or maybe she’s around on tumblr?) Let the fandom know! 

This devil knocks 4 times

today was the third.

Czytaj dalej

This one I did around may. It was some creepy period of my life (i drew it when that spell was near end, or it ended), so I didn’t draw JY much. His face looked like another persons, so I did some surgery a moment ago. Added contrast and tadah!

I like his shirt here! It’s inspired by all those vintage long sleeves from ebay, which I can’t afford (100$ is a way too much!) So I painted the common Man Of Miracles motive - I guess the only one tittle song sung by JY.

I like this simple sketchy style, so maybe it’s a good idea to make commisions drawn like this someday? Now I’m going back to practice stuff. Ciao!


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