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3, 2, 1… REQUEST TIME! | classic rockers! |

So dear tumblr, it’s request time again!  ~ LadyStyx

What is my plan?

I want to get out of my messy sketching manner, improve my composition skills, and show myself that I can do something, I will not do by myself for no reason.

- le follower: Wait, which idea are you expecting from me?

I have two ideas, so:

> STYX PAGE. Send me your headcanon, something funny, crappy, serious, plexiglass, or kinky. It’s your vision and my plan is to draw it down.

> PROG | CLASSIC ROCK BANDS! Send me your OTP, or fav musician, and the way of their expression you want me to put down on my sheet. Crack, canon, time and space doesn’t matter. It will be better to let me know, which era do you want me to do. References are cool here.


I will choose 5 funky ideas for each sketch page. (or more? It’s a test thing I want to try)

Samples of my works     nothing in the style I want to practice now tbh

You can reblog this post and share between prog/classic rock fandom on tumblr. C’mon! I want my askbox to be full.


Fake (just me) JY/Tommy comic covers I did back in 2006. I wish, that some of these stories would exist, but I was a dummy, who never finished anything. But I will not be wasted anymore! 

And so sorry for derpy typo! It’s 8 years old.

Sharing, and I hope, this does not disturb anyone. It’s just fandom fiction.

Styx in flower crowns. Everything fits in style.

png flower source ty.

Bold What Applies To You

AHHHH! So here we go again! I haven’t did any of them for so long.

Czytaj dalej

zucchinigal asked: Write five facts about yourself then send this to your ten favorite followers

Who cares about just only ten! I love you all :D

So, we go:

1. Styx fandom is my definitive number one, and JY is my heroine, mascot, call him as you wish! But it haven’t looked this way from the beginning: Tommy was my first fav back in 2005 and first month of 2012 when they came back! Funny, yep? I was huuuuge into JY/Tommy in 2006. Kinda obsessed and alone in it. Now it depends, but i like this couple really much.

2. My sense of humor is weird, but I love it. I want to have a sanitary case with ELPs Love Beach on it. This is so gay! The description even says, that Emerson likes Palmer. REOs Tuna cover was my profile pick on FB 2 years ago. Butter. Oil. Lol.

3. My room is covered by Styx posters except of two (kinda big ones!) Red Rush from Clockwork Angels tour, and a big vertical Dalek hiding in the corner screaming EXTERMINATE! Yeah, Doctor Who is my favourite show. Soon I will express my love through art. 

4. My favourite topics when it comes to read/watch/lurk sth are: art improvement, music, self improvement and motivational stuff, creepy ufo things (science! time and space!), time traveling, artist and musician biographies and facts.

5. As five facts, so a five fact at the end of this post: My hour of birth was 5:55 AM. Funny? Yes, I love it.

That’s all folks!


deal with people, who have other interests than you, and you wrongly think in desperation, that this person may be your brother soul. Just because somewhere inside, you want to escape from some different pain you’re in. DON’T DO THIS MISTAKE. It’s a dangerous game.

Creepy people are creepy, and in some cases, you should research them and trust your intuition, and what people rumor. 

I hope, that this mess will have an happy ending.

look look look! I did something like Grand Illusion!JY nendoroid design! 

Using this template.

It was fun, and maybe I will produce more outfits and characters? 

I can say, that JY is my tumblr mascot with no doubt, haha.

Photos by Don Hughes, 1981

Long time no non art Styx post from me, huh?

Pretty new/old JY pictrues are ALWAYS apreciated here.

2112 is a great album! Go, afford it!

- I spoked randomly to two teenage girls at empik store (a shop in my country, where you can afford CDs, books, magazines, paper stuff, etc) when noticing, this record was here. They were searching for music or so. Next, they smiled to me. I feeled like Jack Black in his roles. Kinda. 

oh well. I’m exploring PS CS 6. I really think it’s time to search for new digital painting areas to explore for me.

That’s not JY! It’s a blue hair girl I’m redrawing from a pic I did 10 years ago. Maybeit will come out kinda good? Well see.